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Thus the cause for the abandonment of the city may have been changes in the climate as well as natural disasters, as suggested by environmental magnetic records.Lothal is based upon a mound that was a salt marsh inundated by tide.Ceramic wares were of fine clay and smooth, micaceous red surface.A new technique of firing pottery under partly oxidising and reducing conditions was improved by them—designated black-and-red ware, to the micaceous Red Ware.People in villages neighbouring to Lothal had known of the presence of an ancient town and human remains.As recently as 1850, boats could sail up to the mound.

Owing to this, and the proximity of the Gulf of Khambhat, Lothal's river provided direct access to sea routes.The settlers lived peacefully with the Red Ware people, who adopted their lifestyle, evidenced from the flourishing trade and changing working techniques.Harappans began producing the indigenous ceramic goods, adopting the manner from the natives.Upstream elements of this river provided a suitable source of freshwater for the inhabitants. 3000 BCE), Lothal was a small village next to the river providing access to the mainland from the Gulf of Khambhat.The indigenous people maintained a prosperous economy, attested by the discovery of copper objects, beads and semi-precious stones.

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