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i It's the world cup of boobs - and it's not in Russia! a ROSS NOBLE: 11 A British tourist was bummed by a zebra while wearing a black and -~.. " RICKY GERVAIS: "I hate it when artists cancel gigs because they're ill The only artistwhohada good excuse to cancel is Michael Jackson Fantarnag. or to the address on p80 Class work Li tile Pete Is S n class when t he teacher asks, Xan anyone here g i ve me a paragraph with the word 'contagions' in it? " Do you know why kids today wear their jeans slung so low and without a belt? Sarah, Bromsgrove f I watched them at it in close up I had sex with my new boyfriend last week and it was mind- blowing.

The lad goes dow n the pub the next day and tells h is mates what happened « One of his pals asks, "Why'dshedothat? It was a real shame too - she was sucking me off at the timer Patrick Lines, Brighton "I'm feel very frui 32 Nuts Win Inception and an i Pad the address on page 80, The sender of this week's best joke* will win an i Pad and a copy of brilliant Christopher Nolan movie Inception on Blu-ray™. " if The Bible should be one that says, 'Try not to a good person ind you fff AL MURRAY: tl AA J _ ft. Imagine if they released a homy zebra on the pitch at a Newcastle game. ** JIMMY CARR "This royal wedding is a joyful occasion in my house Release: Store Ma BILLY CONNOLLY: "I was asking a lady for directions and she said, 'I don't think you can get there from here/ I thought, have we slipped into some parallel universe here? " Eighties disco* "Is it OK to wear jeans without a belt? He told me afterwards it was the best training session he'd ever had in there!

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D fee 16 E o Cl 0 13 , o Q CD s CO 8u T1 i Af^ £ ^^^^ ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMERS G73 £1,900 This ace lappy handles the full range of HD gaming without even breaking into a sweat! TO RECEIVE THIS OFFER, YOU MUST ACCEPT THE SIGN-UP BONUS WHEN REGISTERING. FOR 24-HOUR HELP AND SUPPORT, FREEPHONE 08, OVER-1 85 ONLY, PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY, WWW. CO UK CLOSING DATE; 23 DECEMBER 201 0 gambleaware uk Release: Store Mags & Fantamag. » ^goe-v^n ^ Re d Oevte are WTO don ers ONE 00am Breakfast 9.1 S Rip Off Britain 10,00 Homes Under the Hammer (R) 11.00 Real Rescues 1145 To Buy or Not to Buy 1 2*1 5pm Bargain Hunt (R) 1*00 BBC News, Weather 1,30 Regional News, Weather 1.45 Doctors 2,15 Missing (R) 3.00 BBC News, Weather, Regional News 3,05 CBBC5.15 Weakest Link (R) 6.00 BBC News, Weather 6.30 Regional News Programmes, Weather 7.00 The One Show 7.30 A Question of Sport Paddy Mc Guinness* and weirdly, Oily Murs are on the panel. (R) 3,00 East Endeis More London-based whingeing, 830 Ql Da ra 0' Briain and Jim my Carr are am ong tonight's guests.

I lowever, I thought he was taking things a bit far L/l Z 0 u LU D O G LU when four months after we met, we still hadn't done the dirty deed!

Lauren and Kayla, Twickenham 'We waited four months to do it' My sexy boyfriend is a bit of a gentleman and usually I really g love that.

Whle every effort will be made To supply the prize as lfeofied r prizes provided by third oarties c&nnot be guaranteed 8 No purchase is necessary, 9. It wasn't long before he was itching to join in, so I took him in my mouth while Kayla went down on me* We spent the whole night in a bit of a scrum!

We were all really horny and Kayla and I started pleasuring each other while our sexy rugger boy watched.

You may incur WAP and data charges from your network opera:or depending on youi operator ard contract type. Customer Care 0117 307 952 J Th s is not a subset pt on service BACK ISSUES Services on 01733 385170, fan 01733 23 mm - I J. One afternoon, we bolh noticed the same guy in a local pub, short and stocky, with a shaved head and cauliflower ears.

You'll 'ece'rvea I'nktothe Nuts Real G" r ls mob' e site. We watch matches on the telly and follow our local team around hoping to meel some hot players.

X 4 5 1 * * L • ■ CONFESSION OF THE o LJ The two of us wanted him My best mate Kay la and I have always loved rugby boys.

"' Bradley Welsh, Watford The tiny groundsman found Wimbledon a challenge Ml Q LJ 3 o C E o u eft ul □ §1 Qo ft Leave it! " No lime at all I'd just go out and find a normal person, then put them further away to fool you. " My girlfriend and I have an agreement that if I ever get the chance to sleep with Angelina Jolie,.* she can f**k off going to be in a minute! I felt a deep orgasm building and was suddenly coming again, this time from stimulating my G-spo L I called my fella straightaway and told him exactly what I'd done and he rushed round immediately - 1 can't imagine why! S Ladies, send your raunchiest confessions to louise_prior or to the address on page 80, The best one each week* wins £50! L SOAP & GLORY EAU MAN EAU DE TOILETTE Cheap as chips pong, maybe for your dad?

A bloke wakes up one morning to Find his wife has left him a note saying she's run off with the milkman. "Which song do you want to be "Would you watch an execution if it was on TV? AMBER COCOON HAND WASH & LOTION 0 I Your mum'll love this posh soap and lotion.

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