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“It was truly rewarding for me to see how much they succeeded in empowering Jasmin and Taylor, who raved about them,” Regan said.

When they reunited at the GCU tournament, it had been 364 days since Kuykendall and Rotering had competed as a team.

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“You snap into performance competition mode,” she said. I have to separate it from who I am.” Regan’s father, Richard, has missed only two debates in his son’s coaching career, and the GCU tournament was not one of them.

Unlike passwords, he said, thumbprints are not protected under privacy laws.

“We rely so heavily on information in our smartphones that they have become extensions of our minds,” Gleason said. “Lying about it because you think it’s cool, is uncool.” All in just four years These students are just four of 20 on GCU’s Speech and Debate Team, but each individually represents the team’s growth, success and hard work — as well as its tremendous heart and soul.

“The digitalization of our memories means our minds are getting hacked.” Senior Tatum Kaiser kicked off her after-dinner speech with a joke about online dating. “She’s already on her fifth marriage.” Her character was stunned by the number of romance-seekers who appeared to be running “depression-is-sexy” campaigns. Only Kuykendall and Rotering have been on the team since 2013, when its director, College of Humanities and Social Sciences instructor Barry Regan, launched it.

“Our team back then was just a question mark,” Regan said.

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