Dating scan today

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We get our first, fuzzy glimpse of the person (it's not twins) who's been treating my wife's internal organs like a bouncy castle these past few weeks. But seeing it on camera, it now feels even less real. Before I can protest, she points out the foetal heartbeat, a tiny flitting butterfly of light behind what looks like an elbow.A creature which isn't quite recognisable as human is waving at us - actually waving - and I am stunned. I've seen ultrasound pictures before, so had some idea of what to expect.We have navigated the hospital's nonsensical slalom of precipitous stairwells and snaking corridors that have clearly been designed as a cruel joke aimed at people on crutches. we have an appointment for a scan at 11.30.' 'Just take a seat'.We are displaying the precise, to-the-millisecond punctuality of those who are very nervous about the thing they are trying to be punctual for. The two receptionists sitting beneath the big 'Obstetrics' sign do a truly magnificent job of not noticing us. For us, this appointment is a crucial milestone in our lives; for them, it's an average Tuesday morning spent shepherding jittery, worried-faced folk through one of the most routine procedures the NHS does. By the time our scan operator, a brusque but likable lady called Janine, ushers us in to a small room that looks alarmingly like a dentist's surgery, I just want it over with.This definitely feels like one of many hurdles (hopefully) ahead. Healthy little bub so far and 7 weeks just as we thought. We’re actually going back to the same scan place this morning, so I can totally relate.Hopes/thoughts/prayers for positive news today for both of us xx Thanks so much for all your kind words ladies!! I haven’t had any morning sickness either so am nervous and worrried.I feel like I’ve been waiting for this scan for ages and now just want to know that it’s where it’s meant to be and the heartbeats strong and everything is ok.

I stop thinking about films, and instead start thinking, 'Nice baby...All morning a carnival of outlandish what ifs has been parading through my mind: What if there's no head? Once in, there's a lack of ceremony that takes us both by surprise.With the air of a car mechanic's 'Pop the boot, love, let's have a look', Janine commands a hoisting of T-shirt, slops on cold goo and a thing that looks like a supermarket barcode reader and twists the screen towards us.I feel like I’ve been waiting for this scan for ages and now just want to know that it’s where it’s meant to be and the heartbeats strong and everything is ok. They did however find quite a large blood-filled Cyst on one of my Ovaries. She said it doesn’t impact the pregnancy and I shouldn’t be worried... We see our OB in a couple of weeks, so I guess they send the report to her and she’ll discuss further. Mine wasn’t great news, gestational and yolk sac there but couldn’t determine if there was an embryo.Fingers crossed & good luck :) I’m in the exact same boat. Trying to avoid negative thoughts but anxiety is hard! Going back in a week but not looking good as I’m 100% sure on my dates.

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