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She is the older sister of Shona West and was one of the original members of The Double Dare Gang along with Tom Smith, Matt Singleton and Cracker Bacon.

In Miss Carver's class, Miss Carver is explaining about the school counsellors and Gemma, who came in late, asks Lisa what Miss Carver was on about and Lisa says it was about the school counsellors people could go to with a problem.

It's about inadvertent discrimination and the question of what "all-American" means. Now I've written a feature-length script that we'll hopefully be able to shoot next year.

John Bolger [ex-Sykes, OLTL] makes an appearance in it. I feel like in order to take control of our creativity, we all need to take a larger role in it. I'm getting ready to sing with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra this summer, as well. We've been together for 10 years and last year, we looked at each other and said, "Wow, we have the combined talents to make a film." Who knew?

So he was insisting he was innocent, and my character was in charge of questioning him. People didn't recognize me much while I was on the show because I looked different with the hair and makeup off-camera.

She was only supposed to be on for four episodes of OLTL — and had a character originally called Mei West (yikes) — but Christine Toy Johnson ended up staying in Llanview for three years (and being renamed Lisa). It was a contemporary drama asking about authenticity in the framework of the art world. It was a great town to do the play in, and there's great seafood. I was in the Broadway revival of The Music Man and the national tour of Flower Drum Song.

We caught up with the busy actress, who recently returned from a two-month theater stint in Boston, MA, to dish about who she feels Lisa really should've hooked up with, and where her alter ego mysteriously disappeared to. It was a very dense, esoteric play, which was great for the Boston audience, which is very educated and bright; there are so many colleges. I did a CROSSING JORDAN, a GROUNDED FOR LIFE and couple of LAW & ORDERs [SVU and CRIMINAL INTENT].

Jo Mc Lean’s charming new born animals, bursting with all the playfulness of springtime, have a nostalgic quality that reminds us of our own childhoods.

Using multiple layers of digital photographs, Susan Cleaver creates scenes of texture, dimension and colour that celebrate new growth and fresh beginnings.

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