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The researchers found that children who’d encountered the “dishonest” adult lied significantly more.While 60 percent of those who hadn’t been lied to were “economical” with the truth, nearly 90 percent of the cohort who’d been on the receiving end of a lie then lied in turn. As much as it might be fun to cavort around like Gordon Gecko or dream of being a Punisher-style badass, most of us want nothing more than to be decent, ordinary citizens.After all, that’s where true happiness lies, right? Despite our parents telling us to always “play nice” and “do the right thing,” experience shows that being publicly minded is usually a one-way ticket to Miseryville.“Bad” friendships have been linked to everything from fatigue to low self-esteem, and forcing yourself to keep in contact with someone your subconscious hates can be devastating.Hollywood may tell us the awful friend who crashes on our couch really has a heart of gold, but experience suggests he’s really just awful.

Do you do the decent thing and sign it, or simply carry on like nothing’s happened?

If sitcoms have taught us anything, it’s that friendships last forever.

Even if your wacky buddy from across the hall is dating the woman carrying your baby, everything will work out in the end. Well, only if you want to make both of you utterly miserable.

Convinced they’d already proved their moral superiority by buying green, they saw no need to treat the rest of the experiment honestly.

When the scientists followed up by allowing them to take a specified amount of money from an envelope, the eco-shoppers went even further by taking more cash than they were entitled to.

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