Sexs live watch videos

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However, Roberts says, if Facebook relies on regular people to see and report crude content, that means we’ve already seen it.

As my colleague Davey Alba reported, many people were outraged last year when a video shot from the perspective of a Virginia gunman began to automatically play as they passed it in their News Feeds.

But depending on context to keep behavior in check depends upon, well, context; not everyone uses Facebook the same way.

This kind of reporting process has long been the norm for social media platforms like Facebook.

Even if they reported the video, it had already gone viral.

It was too late for those who had unwillingly seen the graphic images..

But it could also be jarringly powerful for, say, a terrorist organization live broadcasting a beheading or a small porn business live streaming sex.So, if someone wants to see or show pretty much anything, you can bet it's happening somewhere online.That’s why it can be somewhat perplexing when social media companies like Facebook pretend that their island of the internet is a totally under-control, family-friendly space.Roberts says it's disingenuous to argue that Facebook Live won't be used for all kinds of things that could potentially violate the company’s community standards ("as well as perhaps the law," she adds)."For many people, Facebook is their primary experience of the internet, and they’ll use whatever tools are given to them to propagate material that others would find unsavory," she says.

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