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So instead of burning fat, cells turns to glucose to provide energy.Glucose produces more energy for a given amount of oxygen than fat does during exercise, reducing the production of lactic acid.In the last two days of her experiment, when she was doing the most intense training and playing a match, she took four of the 250mg pills.'I told a lot of people I was taking it, it's not like I was trying to cheat or it was some kind of secret,' Thompson explained.'Nobody said much or thought anything of me taking it other than finding that it was amusing.'She said she didn't notice a fitness boost so much as that the next day she realized that she wasn't sore or stiff.'Sugar is more efficient in the short term than fatty acid is, so athletes are expending less energy, which is probably quite appealing,' he explained.A new study found that there are more amateur athletes who are using performance enhancing drugs than previously thought.

It could be completely safe,' Dr Jeffrey Kohn, a New York City cardiologist told Daily Mail Online.'But in the US it's not well studied enough and there have not been enough trials for it to be approved by the FDA.'Dr Kohn also said that while he doesn't know a whole lot about the drug itself, he has heard of it being used by athletes and assumes it is related to how it improves cell metabolism.Using Cross Fit as an example, The Conversation looked at 123 competitors.Cross Fit is a high-intensity fitness regime that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise .Latvia is currently the only country that produces it, but it is sold and widely used throughout Eastern Europe to treat heart ailments, stroke and diabetes.It's primarily used to treat Ischemia - a condition in which plaque buildup restricts the flow of blood to the heart and throughout the body.

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