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This last piece of advice goes out especially to every 13-16 year old guy ever: Arrogance is EXTREMELY unlikable if it’s not backed up by unusual competence.That’s what separates the cinematic Tony Stark (someone who is arrogant but very likable) from Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (an asshole man-child).Jan, or rather Cheetahgirl (the name is a nod to her long-standing support for a cheetah conservation charity in South Africa), first posted her profile on the internet matchmaking site Kindred Spirits on Friday, complete with a photograph of herself posing winsomely with her chin in her hands.If all had gone to plan she might have been arranging to meet the date of her dreams right now; a man 'aged 58 to 65, 6ft to 6ft 5in tall, attractive, kind, loving, adventurous, with a love of animals, nature and performing arts.' According to her profile she was looking for someone with an 'athletic body' who shared her 'mischievous desire to do things "older people" don't do.' A man prepared to dance till dawn, if necessary - and perhaps more besides.(He thinks 100 would be a suitable target) What do you say? "This is the Bluebeard Staircase," Bath announces proudly."Some people believe that if Alexander Thynn had never existed he would have to have been invented. "These are pictures of 71 of my wifelets."I notice they have had their heads severed. It's a bit overgrown."I tell him six wifelets could live in it. Last year alone, 360,000 people visited the house and grounds.The young Alexander regarded his father with an animosity that was mutual. Some didn't last long.""They sound more like one-night standlets."He is immensely tickled by this. I'm a wonderful figure of a man."He says I have no idea how hard it has been coping with the squabbling of the wifelets. " "I took out my hearing aid."Nowadays, there is less need for such drastic measures.

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His mother, Daphne, was more supportive, until she ran away to Tangier with the writer Xan Fielding. I didn't like it and was sick because I was drunk."A few years later, while he was going out with Anna, he met his first wifelet - a girl whose name he forgets.

Now, rather than chinking champagne glasses with a gentleman friend, she's got me and Earl Grey tea.

As a self-confessed 'man's woman' this must be a crushing disappointment, but she gamely agreed to meet me to talk about that most modern of dilemmas for single ladies of a certain age - how to meet a nice gentleman.

His younger brother, Christopher, was the favoured son, which Alexander resented. Hee-hee."It may be a case of "hee-hee" for Bath, but those closest to him must have often wished to give him the heave-ho.

(Another brother, Valentine, hanged himself in 1979.) As soon as his father died in 1992, Bath evicted Christopher from the estate.

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